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BSG has been developed to address a longstanding issue with how young sportspeople are cultivated within football when they do not achieve their ambitions. BSG tackles this through the use of multiple academy locations, and pathways to education and careers in the sporting world.

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Our History

How we started

BSG was set up in 2019 by Neil Sillett a former football coach, physio, and scout whose experience in the PL and EFL was instrumental in helping players have successful careers. However, Neil identified that only 1% of academy players go on to have full-time contracts, with many struggling to recover from the setback of not gaining a professional contract and that football clubs are not acting ethically when it comes to people’s lives.

The Problem

Fighting the statistics

Academies in football are currently required to fill up the quota of academy players to achieve academy grading in turn receiving funding once achieved. Football coaches generally know within weeks which players will “make the grade” yet the ones that won’t are still left in the academy believing along with their families that they could become professional footballers, spending money, time, and effort only to be released when first-year scholarships require a professional contract. The statistics show only 1% of players are offered a professional contract.

BSG Academies

Prioritising player wellbeing

BSG provides safe academies where academy players released can come in and receive help from our collaborations with mental health specialists, driven sports experts, and former professionals, who have been through this experience, our purpose-built platform provides players with a “player passport” allowing them to send this to coaches, scouts, and clubs around the world to give them more opportunity of having a professional football career.

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BSG Services

Providing support & opportunities

We believe in providing sports-centric career pathways for the players and our collaboration with the UCFB provides an education that is sports business orientated and will provide the opportunities to become a professional in the sports industry if they don’t make it as a professional footballer.

Our purpose-built knowledge platform will also allow players to plan their future careers for when they retire from professional football. Allowing them to gain the skills and knowledge required to transition into a new profession.


Sport Business

Mental Health

Purpose Built
Knowledge Platform


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