College Scholarship Showcases

BSG & Wilbury are committed in many ways to providing a realistic pathway for young players who have un-tapped talent in the beautiful game.

Thousands of aspiring players would love to make a living out of soccer, but the reality is, success on that road is reached by a miniscule percentage.

Having been involved in Football for a lifetime and seen many young players start the journey and follow a dream but for a myriad of reasons they fall by the wayside.

Our team can offer a way forward by guiding them through the US Soccer scholarship route, using their football ability to gain access to top level US colleges, furthering their education by leveraging their talent to access differing levels of funding available from many US colleges.

We will help to see if you are eligible, what you will need to get your profile seen, whether you meet the desired criteria academically and in your athletic aspects.

We will guide you through the testing steps and the costs involved these include SAT & ACT tests which annually take place before January each year.

All these specifics will have more credence of put forward by a recognized business such as BSG-Wilbury.

If you are interested, please email for costs and criteria details.