Huffman Boulevard Park
2775 Huffman Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246, USA

The USA has more young soccer players registered to clubs and teams than any other country in the World. MLS (Major League Soccer) is now in the top 10 most watched Leagues in the World and is attracting the World’s top players while increasing its number of teams to 28 clubs therefore needing a bigger player base.

We feel that enhancing the talent level here will bring a huge upside for the students who attend but also all those who are involved as investors and shareholders.

There aren’t many places in the World too where you can train 12 months of the year and, when we are hosting students and players from all over the Globe, we feel it’s vital to be able to accept players at all times and fit into all seasons.

College soccer is growing in unison with the Pro game in the USA and there are on average 9.9 Soccer scholarships given to Division 1 Colleges to be spread amongst 25 players.

This increase has gone hand in hand with many of these spots being given to scholars with previous professional training which is a big shift that will benefit players who have been released from European Club academies.