Residential Professional Training

Being involved in the Professional game as we have for many many years it’s clear that talent slips through the net.
Statistics underline the facts that very few who start out on the road to being a Pro end up making it through to those ranks.
Thousands of players harbor the dream of playing the game at the top levels, but the reality is that around 1% who sign to academies at the age of 12 end up playing 1st team Pro football.

‘What happens to the many who drop out?
The truth is that in the main the clubs can’t do much to help the players career once they release them. It’s up to the players family and those closest to them to give them support and help.
For a few they may develop later in their teens and have another crack at it for many though it can take a long-misdirected path to get their career plans back on track.

At BSG we provide professional training, psychological help, career planning, physical training and tactical advice on a daily basis in the fantastic US state of Florida and from March 2021 with our Professional partner club Akrotiri FC in Cyprus.
Our coaches are able to replicate what takes place in a Premier League training ground every day and offer trainees a games and tournament programme which will enable the graduates to showcase their talents to new fields such as US teams and college coaches.

Over the years we have all heard of those who could have or should have made the grade but for one reason or another they don’t. A stay with our team in Cyprus and Florida will allow us to assess the chances of progression but also enable the players to leave with a detailed passport which can be sent to potential suitors be them colleges or Professional teams.

Our programme can accept trainees from the age of 17 and we are happy to help players with ambition to get another chance or to explore the college route to a new career.

The daily routine is intense and even though it’s in the sunshine state it’s no holiday. We are supported by athletic trainers, strength and conditioning experts, psychological coaches and importantly highly qualified experienced coaches.To have all this in place and the chance to rise again it truly can be a real life game changer.

If you are interested please email [email protected] for costs and criteria details.