The Algorithm & Sports Science Philosophy

BSG has recruited a team of experts who will make talent flourish and achieve goals which may have otherwise never been achieved – maybe gone unnoticed or unappreciated.
Our team uses modern training techniques that will help develop soccer talent in a Pro club environment and open up opportunities with colleges and clubs all around the Globe.

The BSG Academy offers a programme tailored to each player, designed to offer a structure which develops the key components required to become a professional soccer player. A talented soccer player needs a balanced regime to help him succeed and we offer exactly that.
We incorporate intensive soccer training, regular competitive matches, physiotherapy and strong fitness regimes, as well as learning and insight on all aspects of the game.

BSG is developing a unique training and development algorithm that will highlight were a player needs to strengthen. This algorithm is based on performance, aptitude, skills and attitude. We are in a sport were there’s no such thing as a pb, no tangible measure of ‘how good’ a young player is (or can be) – until now. Our online psychometric testing provides valuable insights into ‘potential’ (see and becomes part of our graduates’ ‘Bentley Passport’.


Our professional soccer coaching includes specialist outfield and goalkeeping sessions, strength and conditioning training and nutritional advice. We mentor players on their journey, preparing them for the modern game as well as providing opportunities to be seen by the professional soccer clubs. With a network of contacts at the very highest level in the UK, Europe, Asia and South America, BSG is uniquely placed to offer our academy trainees the best opportunity they could find to further their chances of a professional career within soccer.

The Academy’s intensive training programme has been designed to enhance every individuals’ game. Our training sessions and matches are led by highly-qualified UEFA coaches, including experienced former professional players and managers.
Sessions focus on improving individual technique, as well as developing tactical awareness and an understanding of the game. Alongside this, strengthening each player’s physical attributes through a robust conditioning programme enables the young players to be fully prepared for the modern game.

Our academy trainees are drilled in the 4 cornerstones of the player’s game; we have specific technical, tactical, physical and psychological sessions all with different themes to cover all aspects of the game.
The network built up by our staff plying their trade at the top level over many years will maximize the exposure to chances other potential players may not have.



BSG’s unrivalled connections offers our trainees the chance to get in front of recruiters, scouts and agents armed with the knowledge that they have been coached by pros with success at the very highest levels who have both played and worked with the game’s top stars.

The on-pitch training hammers home the technical aspects of this global game while we have developed bespoke routines that WILL yield peak physical conditioning. The classroom work, fronted by leading sports psychologists and football coaches develops other skills that will put our academy trainees way ahead of their peers.
Unlike other so-called academies, BSG will give our talent the opportunity to actually play against teams from all over the World in events that will put our budding professionals in front of decision makers.

So, while we agree no one can guarantee a place in a team or a contract at a club, what we can do at BSG is open doors for the right talent.
In addition, our academy coaching team have exclusive access and use of a new framework developed by analysts within our Group company, Bentley Intelligence Limited. By exploiting our machine learning and artificial intelligence methods, they are able to identify key talents based on the players’ individual qualities; physical, mental, and technical.



The combination of these fundamental qualities as assessed by technology and coaches are then used to predict the players’ development within particular positions, along with detailed analysis of their performances during matches. The methods are being further developed to analyse and advise on positions suiting the players as both individuals and collectively within any particular team formation.

The exciting technological advancement can serve as the basis of developing an intelligent team development and management system, whereby growth and performance of players can be monitored and identified.